Keivan Tavakoli

Keivan Tavakoli

Physician in Florida

Who is Keivan Tavakoli?

Keivan Tavakoli boasts a diverse background that spans continents. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran’s capital, Keivan nurtured a love for math and literature from a young age, often emerging as the top student in his class. His childhood memories are sprinkled with sun-soaked days on the Caspian sea shores.

Later, his educational journey took him to Alexandria, Virginia, for high school. Here, not only did he shine academically, becoming a part of the National Honor Society and Math Honor Society, but he also showcased his athletic prowess as a member of the school’s soccer team.

Keivan pursued a BS degree in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, before embarking on a journey to the Dominican Republic. There, he enrolled in Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo, earning his medical degree in 2001.

In addition to his role as a physician, Keivan is a Certified Specialist in Poison Information, dedicated to both preventing and treating cases of poisoning. He is deeply intrigued by alternative medicine, especially integrative medicine, which marries Eastern and Western therapeutic practices.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Keivan’s humanitarian spirit shines. He has volunteered to rebuild homes in underserved areas, ensuring better living conditions for residents. In his leisure, Keivan dives into books, exploring languages, philosophy, history, and comparative religious studies.

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