Keivan Tavakoli

The Toxicology of Urban Life: Air Pollution and its Long-Term Health Effects

Air Pollution

As urban centers worldwide continue to expand, so too does the shadow of air pollution that hangs over them. The rush-hour traffic jams, bustling industrial zones, and ever-present construction sites contribute to a complex cocktail of airborne pollutants. But what are the implications of this pollution for the millions who call these urban centers home? […]

The Evolution of Personalized Medicine: Tailoring Treatments to the Individual

Personal Medicine

Medicine, from its earliest inception, has always been about healing. However, the approach has largely been one-size-fits-all, prescribing blanket treatments for common ailments. The last two decades, however, have ushered in an era of revolution, shifting the paradigm from generic to genomic. This transformation is known as personalized medicine. Personalized medicine, as the name suggests, […]